Monday, March 1, 2010

Love of the week

This big head monkey right here, sike , this mans on some true shit.  Thank god for him  i dont know were i would be with out him if he was not in my life.  So this  weekend  i got lost in NE washington DC, i was pissed it was at 11 at night. Im only five- four  with my boney ass lol i was so pissed and cold.  I called HIM which is keegan and he told me to come over a stay with him, he wanted to come and get me but i told him i would come to him. The thing is that he is my ex and he really didnt have to take me  in with my lost puppy self.... I just thank god for him. we fight and we always make up i really do love ya big head. nasty-nay

Monday, February 22, 2010

My life

This is how i feel right now, my life is all over the place and i dont know what to do.

Love of the week


I love this girl right here My shannika Brown A.K.A Nika. B..... This girl is too funny  we arre alway laughing and making  jokes. I love to shop with her we are to cute together when we go out. She is my person of the week because her  mommy moved her away from me and  i dont get to see her that much.. She has my damn boots and i want them, so hoe bring them tooo me lol... I miss ya Nika B. come back toooo me.   Nasty-Nay
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Im Black and i love it . I love the way i am and i will never change. YES im some what darker but guess what i love me. If u hating im going to need u to lay down with all that.
                                                           Ps. love your self

                                        THE Nasty-Nay

Saturday, February 20, 2010

YEP, its a Beauty Mark

Wellcome to the land of the beauty I have  a beauty mark and i never  really liked it untill two weeks ago when i took some pics with my friends and it stood out. I liked the way it make my  skin look.  I have a clear face and i was like why  do i need this black dot here. But now i love it and we love taking picks and showing off my right side, but my left side is my good side.. i guess it even its self out, now i have two good sides. Nasty-nay.

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