Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dont hate the cheetah

So i love  my little black dress. Everyone  should have one and if you dont plz plz plz get one.  I really dont like black all that much but i was feeling black that night. I love my cheetah bra so it came out that night with the little black dress.  So me and my gurl Coco went out to tony's  a little club WV for yall that dont know were tonys is its  across from shepherd university. Its a chill spot in WV but its mad funny tho because niggas be looking HURT HURT in there some of them be looking cute tho and i be on them lol.  So i  had fun that night from some reason the dudes that night was looking real good. I pull some numbers so i felt good. YEA i know cheetah is some what out played but so WHAT i love my mothertrucking bra. Nasty Nay

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